Cheat Point Blank 13-12-2010 ( ™Virgo V1.0™ )
04.13 | Author: More About me..
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---Minimize + BOMERMAN----
F1 = minimaize on
F2 = minimaize off
F5 = Bobmerman On
F7 = Bomberman Off

----Carakter hack-----

Hack Carakter ON = F9
Hack Carakter OFF = F10
Hack cash (Not Permanend) =F12
*untuk lain nya silakan kk,kk senior coba sendiri soal nya disini PB nda bisa masuk...

----Map hack------
Numpad1 = CrackDown
Numpad2 = mini indonesia
Numpad3 = Burning Hall
Numpad4 = Mstation
Numpad5 = Library
Numpad6 = Training camp

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