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Feature :

-Enable Regedit
-Enable TaskManager
-Enable Search Engine
-Enable Folder Options

-Musik Player
-Virtual TaskManager
-Freeze v1.2
-Shutdown Utility

Easteroad = F1
Library = NUMPAND1
Burning Hall = NUMPAND2
Luxville = NUMPAND3
Mstation = NUMPAND4
Training Camp = NUMPAND5
Downtown = NUMPAND6
Mini Indonesia= NUMPAND7
CrackDown = NUMPAND8
Midtown = NUMPAND9
Kick Point = NUMPAND0

Masmed Hack = INSERT
Reset Card = DELETE

Room Mode AWP = F12
All Weapon = F11

Minimize ON = F9
Minimize OFF = F10

Title Hack = F3
Spion Mode = F4
Rank Hack = F2

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