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Fitur Bomberman Mini

Bomberman OFF F11
Bomberman ON F12
Minimize ON INSERT
Minimize OFF Delet
Masmed F12
Spion.dll ON F10 saat blm play

waepon hack.dll dapat membuat room yg tadinya
Memekai piso jadi pny senjata dan td'a BM jd DM
Room DM Nump1
Room Piso Nump2
Room Exploasion Nump3
Room Pistol Nump4
Room Pistol+Exploasion Nump5
Room Pisotol Nump6
Room Pistol+Exploasion Nump7
Room Main Nump8
Room Exploasion Nump9
Room Main Nump0

Room Main+Exploasion F1
Room Main+Seconday F2
Room all Waepon F3
Room Main+Seconday F4
Room all Waepon F5
Room RPG+Exploasion F7
Room RPG+Piso F8
Room RPG+Exploasion F9
Room RPG+Exploasion F10
Room AWP+Exploasion F11
Room BM F12
Room ?????? INSERT

Link Download : Disini

Agar Cheat dapat berjalan lancar, jgn lupa install vcredist86 yaaaa

All Creadit M.A.S@RC....!!!

Thx Untuk SC Map Hacknya Dari Wanted27

Thank's To : Evar,Indrascott,Snutz,AbuJafar,Drache,RCD, And All

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